Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

CITYSPORTS Electric Skateboard Review

Where to buy a new electric skateboard? This model gives you the answer with its Longboard Black. This specimen represents a compromise between design and performance. For its aesthetics, you will immediately notice its dark dress on which a tiger is printed, reflecting its power and speed.

It is also equipped with a 400 W motor which allows it to cap at 32 km / h at full speed in good road conditions. You can easily control your pace with the remote control by switching between its two modes.

The board is able to support a maximum weight of 120 kg. Robust, it is made of Canadian maple combined with fiberglass. This specimen includes a 36 V lithium-ion battery with a current of 4 A. With a fairly short charging time, it will accompany you on a journey of more than twenty kilometers before going out.

CITYSPORTS Electric Skateboard Pros

Convenient remote control Via this accessory, you will have access to all the functionality of this equipment. You can, for example, turn it on or off, change the speed, or even find out the battery capacity. This saves you from having to stop and waste time each time.

Resistant wheels This model incorporates PU casters to withstand climatic conditions and terrain defects.

Battery performance Once the battery is full, it provides a journey of approximately 28 km before draining.

CITYSPORTS Electric Skateboard Cons

Weight Its 8 kg mass poses some concerns for some users during transport.