Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Evo-Spirit Switcher V1 Review

When you go looking for the best electric skateboard, versatility is one of the criteria to highlight. Note that this parameter is one of the major advantages of Switcher V1. So, this Evo-Spirit equipment changes into what you want: all terrain or longboard.

In the first, you have wheels with EAFT technology (Evo Air Free Technology) which aim to absorb shocks and offer you optimal comfort afterwards despite a speed of 35 km / h. The size of the tires is around 6 ” and they easily crush the stones on their paths. The rubber structure remains insensitive to punctures. The performance of this device is conditioned by a 1000 W brushless motor capable of propelling you at 40 km / h in longboard mode.

This device is accompanied by a Bluetooth remote control with which you control the speed, the braking system or even reverse gear.

Evo-Spirit Switcher V1 Pros

Convertible With this model, you will have no difficulty facing all types of terrain. When changing from bitumen to stony paths, you just have to change the wheels.

Powerful Probably the most efficient on our list in terms of power, its 1000 W brushless motor helps you arrive on time for an important appointment.

Design of the tray The board incorporates Flex technology, giving it an optimal balance between flexibility and robustness. Moreover, the brand chose Canadian maple for its manufacture.

 Evo-Spirit Switcher V1 Cons

Dissuasive price If you have any budget limitation, know that this product is expensive.