Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

How to Fold a Xiaomi Scooter

One of the great advantages of scooter transport is the possibility of folding it for easy storage or for loading with it in another means of transport that allows us to move around the city with more comfort and flexibility. Folding a Xiaomi scooter is very simple and you will not have any problem doing it. The basic instructions are as follows:

  1. Make sure the scooter is off (Off)
  2. Release the lock lever you’ll find on the back of the vertical bar of the handlebar.
  3. Lower the lock lever.
  4. Fold the vertical bar of the handlebar.
  5. Fit the ring that protrudes from the vertical bar of the handlebar, by its eyelet, on the folding hook that you will find on the top of the rear wheel fender.

Once folded, you can transport the Xiaomi scooter with one hand, grabbing it by the handlebar bar.

To display it, repeat the actions mentioned above in the opposite direction.

Video on how to fold and unfold your Xiaomi scooter

The following video is the best we have found to easily learn how to fold and unfold our Xiaomi scooter, specifically in Mijia M365 model. The video is titled “Xiaomi Mijia Quick Start Guide” and is made by Isaac Ho. It also shows how to turn it on, how it accelerates and brakes and how it charges. It is a very illustrative short video. It will like you.