Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

How to Reset a Hoverboard … and Other Common Problems

You can solve a large part of your hoverboard problems by simply resetting the device. Things like the red light on the board, that the hoverboard is tilted to one side, that the alarm sounds constantly, that does not load correctly or that leans up when used, can be fixed with a reset. And what do you have to do to reset a hoverboard? The next:

  • Turn off the hoverboard and put it on a flat surface.
  • Press the power button for 8 or 10 seconds.
  • A small red circle will appear in the table.
  • Leave it still, it will be calibrating
  • When it turns off, turn on the hoverboard again.

Whenever any problem occurs with the hoverboard, you should try this reset and calibration as a first step. If the hoverboard does not start to behave properly after it, you should turn it off and try to remove the back cover, disconnect and connect all the cables inside one by one. If it still doesn’t work, keep reading …

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Some common hoverboard problems and their possible solutions

The flashing red light on the hoverboard

In our article on the flashing red light of the hoverboard (link) and the problems that could be deduced from it we saw that these could be of various kinds.

If the flashing red light flashes once, it means that the hoverboard may have a loose cable or connector inside. You can fix this by unscrewing the base of the hoverboard (first turn it off!) And then proceed to reconnect one by one all the cables you see inside, unless it is obvious which one is disconnected in which case it would be worth reconnecting it.

If the flashing red light blinks two or three times, it may be due to a problem with the internal circuitry. To solve this, you will have to buy a replacement kit of the hoverboard circuit board and follow the steps that it indicates.

In cases where the flashing red light flashes four or five times, this means that you need to change one of the motors. The motors go inside the wheels, so the change involves changing the wheel on the side of the motherboard, if it blinks four times, or the one on the side of the battery, if it blinks five.

If the flashing red light flashes six times, what is wrong is the battery and you will have to change it.

If it blinks seven or eight times, the fault affects the sensors or gyroscopes, which you will have to replace with new ones so that the hoverboard returns to normal operation.

How to fix a hoverboard that does not turn on

If your hoverboard does not turn on for any reason, you must first check if it loads correctly. When you do, check if the green light on the charger turns on. If not, this usually means that the internal circuits of the hoverboard have broken down. The only solution is to change them.

On the contrary, if the green light on the charger lights up, turn on the hoverboard. If you see an orange light, it means you should change the battery.

How to fix a hoverboard that does not turn off

When your hoverboard does not stop whistling and does not turn off, you have to turn it, unscrew and carefully remove the battery. This will cause the beep to stop. Then you will have to buy a replacement hoverboard kit and fix it.

How to fix a hoverboard when one of its sides does not work

That one side of the hoverboard does not work properly is a common problem. It is usually a problem that is due to a gyroscope being damaged.

This problem can be solved by changing the gyroscope. You can do it by finding out if your gyroscope is male or female. If it has two connection ports and cables that leave the board, it is male. If it has more than two connection ports and no cable protrudes, it is female. Acquire one of the correct type and replace it.

How to fix a hoverboard that has become too wet

If you put your hoverboard in water or if it rained a lot while riding it, you may have a problem with it. If this is your case, turn it off, remove the bottom cover and take out the motherboard and the battery. If either is wet, put it in a bowl full of rice grains for a couple of days at least. Clean and dry the rest of the hoverboard with a cloth. Then reassemble it and try it. If it works, there has been luck. If not, you will have to buy and replace any of the pieces.

How to fix a hoverboard that does not load well

To avoid problems with your hoverboard load, always follow these instructions:

  • Always follow the loading instructions of the hoverboard seller
  • Connect the charger to the hoverboard. If the charger shows a red light, it means that your hoverboard charges correctly. It usually takes about 2 or 3 hours until the recharge is done completely. If the charger shows a green light, it indicates that the battery is full and you do not need to recharge it anymore.
  • If the load occurs very slowly, it is that you have an improper charger or the temperature or humidity of the environment are not the best.

What happens if the hoverboard does not load? We can have the following situations:

  • The charger shows the red light. Leave it charging 2 or 3 more hours. You can ride your hoverboard later.
  • The charger shows the green light, but the hoverboard does not work and shows a red light and a beep when you turn it on. This means that your battery is broken and you have to replace it with a new one.
  • The hoverboard does not start without the charger or shows an orange light when it is turned on. It is also usually a problem with the battery. Try changing it and see if this solves the problem.
  • The charger does not show any light. Check that the charger is correctly connected to the power on one side and the hoverboard on the other. If it still does not show any light, it may be that the charger is broken. If you have access to another one, try it and if it works, you will have to change your original charger.

How to fix a hoverboard whose light stays on

When the hoverboard light stays on and the device does not move, it is very likely that one of the gyroscopes (or both) has broken down. You can solve this problem by buying a new one and replacing your device.

How to fix a hoverboard with a stuck pedal

If one of the two pedals gets stuck, the problem is usually that the hoverboard is not detecting the presence of the user and therefore does not work well. You can fix this problem by turning off the hoverboard and trying to manually move the pedal to see if it can be returned to its original position. If this does not work, open the hoverboard and try to place the pedal from the inside.

How to fix a hoverboard that does not balance properly

If your hoverboard does not balance well, the reasons may be several. One of them may be that the hoverboard is not in auto corrective mode. You can correct this by placing the hoverboard on a flat smooth surface and making sure that you have both feet on the hoverboard pedals so that it detects you correctly.

Another reason may be that it is not well calibrated. Then the solution is to recalibrate it.

It may also be that there are loose or improperly connected cables. You will have to open the hoverboard and reconnect them.

Another reason may be that some gyroscope inside the hoverboard is wrong. To fix it you will have to replace them with new ones.

How to fix a hoverboard that has a problem with the pressure sensor

Problems with the pressure sensor are common. If your hoverboard does not detect when you ride it, you will have to remove the bottom cover of the device and turn it upside down. Pressure sensors are usually located near each of the wheels. When you mount the table, two small fins are joined by the pressure of the weight of the user and the hoverboard thus detects its presence. If this does not happen, you will have to change the sensor.

When you change it, make sure it is well aligned.

How to fix a hoverboard that vibrates a lot when you get off it

If your hoverboard turns in circles or vibrates uncontrollably when you get off it, you need to fix this problem. Before that, you should know if there is a layer of air under any of the pedals. To do this, press one and then another and see if you can hear a slight sound coming from there.

If you actually hear it on either side, you can start by turning off the device, turning it upside down and removing the bottom cover. Remove it from the side that apparently has the problem. Then remove everything until you see a plastic tab under the housing. When you see it, you will have to cut it a little by the edge with a small thin knife to release the air. Then put everything in its place and try to see if it works.

How to fix a hoverboard that has a locked wheel

If one of the hoverboard wheels has been locked, you will have to disassemble the wheel by unscrewing the screws that hold it. Then you will have to remove the wheels and check if there are any broken parts that are clogging the engine. If so, remove this piece, replace it with a new one and, in principle, the problem will be solved.