Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Inboard M1 Review

In recent years, the number of electric skateboards has literally exploded. Especially in the premium segment. In general, a table is defined as “ premium ” if its price exceeds € 1,000 . And if you are buying such an electric longboard, you should do a thorough investigation. Because it is a bad idea to spend money on expensive products without being completely clear.

In case you haven’t heard of Inboard , they were founded by Theo Cerboneschi and Ryan Evans in 2014 with the vision of transforming the personal transport market. And after a successful kickstarter campaign, they became a successful company that offers high quality electric transport products. In particular, they take pride in their excellent customer service, so if you have any kind of problem with your M1 board, getting help is very easy.

Like other high-end electric skateboards (Evolve, Boosted, etc.), the Inboard M1 has a smooth and elegant design and a powerful motor that adapts to compact spaces. However, the M1 has some unique characteristics that sets them apart from their competitors.


Maximum speed : 35 km / h | Autonomy : 11 km | Weight : 6.7 Kg | Length : 95 cm | Maximum weight supported : 113 kg

Engine and autonomy

The engine is what really makes the M1 Inboard special. The board is powered by dual 2 x 1600 W In-Hub motors , a technology that does not require gears or belts. This innovation offers a smooth acceleration with little or no resistance, which allows the Inboard M1 to roll almost like a conventional skateboard.

With In-Hub engines, there are no bulky parts of external transmission trains that prevent passage (as in Boosted panels), which gives the Inboard M1 a high-tech appearance . And with a maximum speed of 35 km / h, adrenaline should not be a problem. Not to mention that the engine is very quiet .

In addition, the Inboard M1 is equipped with 43.2v / 97 Wh lithium-ion batteries that offer a range of 11 km (+ – 2 km). Autonomy is one of the few negative things about this longboard. However, Inboard has developed a unique interchangeable battery technology , and a spare battery can be changed in seconds. Consequently, the range has greatly improved, and additional portable batteries can be purchased.

Finally, the Inboard M1 has three skating modes: beginner , intermediate and advanced . Each mode has different speeds and higher accelerations , which makes it easier for each type of skateboarder to enjoy this board.

Design and table

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard comes with a black platform of 37.5 ″ that gives you a premium style without being too flashy. And, if you’re looking for a little more color, the company is also selling a «M1 Artist Series», a handmade board with a more colorful design. However, it is limited to only 50 tables.

The roof is made of composite material with a core that combines inverted 3D poplar wood with double PU side walls . And it is covered in the same fiberglass sheet that is used for top quality snowboards. The platform is designed to be rigid , allowing greater speed and stability . And it is splash resistant (although not completely waterproof) .

In addition, the platform has bright LED lights on the nose and tail , which makes the board much more visible in the dark. This is a great security feature. Finally, the board weighs only 6.7 kg, which is very good for an electric longboard.

Remote control and app

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard comes with an ergonomic remote control and a smartphone application . First, the remote control is undoubtedly the best we have ever seen. Its unique grip makes it remain effortless in our hand. You can also hold it on the board or in your backpack with ease. In addition, the controls are well designed and everything from acceleration to braking is intuitive .

But the smartphone application is what really sets the M1 Inboard apart from other boards. It is the best electric skateboard application available as of today. It can be used to control the board (instead of the remote control), in addition to checking the battery levels and adjusting the settings. In addition, you can chat with customer service directly from the application, control the LED lights and download the latest software.