Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete Skateboard Review

According to experts, Penny is one of the brands to approach if you are looking for a quality skateboard. According to them, the designer rarely disappoints, which also prompts them to suggest this model for skateboard enthusiasts. Among the best models is the Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete.

Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete Skateboard Review

For this one, the Penny decided to get out of the standard aesthetic by giving it a multicolored look. It takes on the colors of Jamaica with its deck in black, its wheels in red and its trucks in green combined with yellow. It has an aspect that immediately catches the eye when you ride.

The board has reduced dimensions with its 55.9 cm long and 15.2 cm wide. It remains easy to transport if you plan to put it in your bag while traveling. And when you carry it in your hand, it won’t clutter you up. The top of the deck is covered with a relief coating, optimizing its grip with the sole of your shoes. Some users even claim that barefoot practice is just as comfortable.

Regarding the casters, they are provided with a rubber casing with a 59 mm urethane core. They are resistant to wear, but also to possible ground faults. The trucks, on the other hand, are made from stainless steel. Robust and light, they contribute to reducing the overall weight. In this way, it will be easy for you to lift your device when you perform a freestyle figure, without damaging it.

Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete Skateboard Pros

Grip: This model has a waffle pattern deck that maximizes the adhesion of your feet to the structure. So you can ride your skateboard without problem with or without shoes.

Authentic look: With its assembly of colors, this equipment is not likely to go unnoticed when you exercise in your activity. You will then be able to impress your entourage.

Solid wheels: The casters that accompany this board are made of urethane. This element does not fear punctures or if at times you are driving on sharp terrain faults.

Practical design: With a size of 22 ”, transportation is no problem. Indeed, it will easily find a place in your bag when you are not riding with it. Something to spare you.

Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete Skateboard cons

Not all-terrain: Users notice that this board emits some vibrations when riding on dented surfaces.