Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

XT-Racing XTC RC Off Road Skateboard Review

XT-Racing is one of the brands to visit if you are wondering where to buy the best electric skateboard. It puts the XTC RC Off Road in competition with other manufacturers’ models. And as its name suggests, this equipment is intended for adventurers, lovers of rugged trails and secondary roads.

To satisfy its consumers, the brand has equipped this device with puncture-resistant all-terrain casters coupled to a shock absorber system. An 800 W motor boosts the whole, allowing it to reach 32 km / h. In addition, thanks to the remote control, you will manage your pace according to your convenience.

At full charge, the manufacturer maintains that you will be able to travel 30 km before the battery runs out. During the journey, the ergonomic design of the board improves your comfort. And for your safety, you can count on its ABS braking mechanism.

 XT-Racing XTC RC Off Road Pros

Easy handling Acceleration and braking are controlled via the accessory. The latter is suitable for all user profiles, amateur or professional.

Convenient structure The skateboard has a non-slip interface which prevents possible slipping.

Brake performance The designer relies on ABS technology. This device has an electronic system that plays its role in all circumstances.

 XT-Racing XTC RC Off Road

Disappointing battery life Users are somewhat disappointed with the service life of the battery. It does not seem to correspond to its description.